Italian Culinary Program

The school's signature course for international students.

Italian Culinary Program

The Italian Culinary Program is a 1 year diploma course dedicated to those students wishing to become professionals of Italian Cuisine. The course is organised in 2 units corresponding to 2 different levels of preparation: the foundation level, welcoming students with no or little experience in the sector, and the advanced level, dedicated to those students who are looking for a further qualification in the field of culinary arts. Furthermore, the course includes 2 internship phases.

Students wishing to participate to the course must be of age, have a high school diploma and an intermediate knowledge of the English language. Attendance is organised in 3 to 4 days of lessons per week and allow students with no experience to start their career path in the Italian Culinary Arts.


The course is accredited by the local government and, alongside the Diploma of the school, issues certifications within the European Quality Framework system.

The program focuses on basic techniques, the authentic taste of Italian food and a first introduction to the Italian territory, language and, more in general, culture.

The Italian Culinary Program is a unique course which gives students the possibility to discover the Italian territory from the gastronomical point of view: it gives students the possibility to meet and share thoughts, ideas and knowledge with the best living professionals of Italian Cuisine, creating a network of people in love with the food and wine, and enjoying an educational experience in Italy’s most famous restaurants.