Wine tasting and food pairing

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The Wine Tasting and Food Pairing course will take you on an exciting journey into the world of wine and food pairing.

During the course, you will learn wine tasting techniques, exploring different aspects of wines, including color, aroma, taste, and body. Our expert sommeliers will guide you through tastings of a selection of exquisite Italian wines, helping you develop your palate and recognize the unique nuances of each wine.

Furthermore, you will discover best practices for pairing wine with food, exploring how different flavors, aromas, and textures can harmonize or contrast to create exceptional taste experiences. During practical sessions, you will have the opportunity to experiment with various wine and food combinations, uncovering synergies that enhance both the wine and the dish.

This course is designed for both wine enthusiasts and those looking to discover how to choose and pair wine impeccably to enhance gastronomic experiences. Come and discover the art of wine tasting and the art of food-wine pairing and be inspired by a world of refined flavors and aromas!

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