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The Sommelier course is a fascinating experience for wine enthusiasts and those who aspire to become experts in the world of oenology.

During the course, solid theoretical foundations will be provided on different types of wines, production methods, sensory characteristics, and grape varieties. Students will learn to evaluate wine through visual, olfactory, and gustatory analysis, developing a refined palate and the ability to recognize the aromatic and flavor nuances of different wines.

In addition to theory, the course offers practical tasting sessions guided by professional sommeliers, allowing students to deepen their tasting skills and explore the various nuances of wines from wine regions around the world.

Students in the Sommelier course will have the opportunity to explore the art of food and wine pairing, learning to choose the right wine to complement dishes based on their characteristics and flavors.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to appreciate wine more consciously, confidently communicate about wine characteristics, and offer pairing suggestions to enhance each culinary experience.

Join us on this journey into the world of wine and discover the charm of sommellerie, becoming a true connoisseur of Italian and international wines.

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