Since 2004, ALMA has constantly expanded and innovated its educational offer.

First by introducing, among the professional ones, courses aimed vertically at individual areas of hospitality: after cuisine, we added pastry, the world of hall, sommellerie and management, and finally that of the bakery art.

From 2019, our School has also opened its doors to professional updating with specialisation courses aimed at those who already work or those looking for a new opportunity: Pizza Gastronomica, Gelateria Contemporanea, Pasta Italiana are some of the programs of these modules rich in operativity, technical skills and gastronomic culture.

ALMA also offers courses dedicated to Italian cuisine to foreign students. The complete course to become a “professional of Italian cuisine” is the Italian Culinary Program, consisting of a first phase of basic  techniques and a subsequent professionalising phase.

The Italian Iconic Courses are instead short modules dedicated to the most representative products of our tradition, such as pizza, pasta and pastry. They can be attended by those with no experience as well as by those who, already inserted in the gastronomic world, want to specialise in one of the representative pillars of our tradition.

ALMA is also able to create tailor-made courses and programmes based on the needs of the foreign market, in particular of the International Culinary Schools with which it already has important collaborative relationships and for which it structures dedicated joint programmes.

For those who choose to work in the fascinating world of food and beverage, ALMA represents a valuable investment for the future as well as an extraordinary educational experience.

The Library

The ALMA library is one of the most important in its field, with over 12.000 volumes and a complete collection of food and beverage specialty newspapers and magazines divided into 100 subjects to simplify the research and to help study topics in depth. In support of students’ cultural education, texts are available on gastronomic literature, art, cinema and theatre, history and culture, ancient people’s cuisine, wines and sensory analysis, classical books on cuisine and gastronomy, dietetics and food education, and recipe books of the greatest Italian and International cooks.


Within walking distance to the School, comfortable residences called ‘ALMA Housing’ are available with 2, 3 or 4 bed apartments, including living room, kitchen and bathrooms.
ALMA is always at students’ disposal to find alternative housing solutions in the area.


The best stories of ALMA’s graduate students. Stories of young people who have choosen the International School of Italian Cuisine: memories, perspectives, friendship and love. Stories of lives changed thanks to ALMA. A selection to give space of life experiences between ALMA and restaurants throughout Italy and Europe:


ALMA has created a network of great educational centres all over the world. With these renowned schools ALMA organizes Courses of Italian Cuisine, structured on periods of study and practical training in Italy during in-school periods and traineeship periods at the most renowned Italian restaurants. At the end of the program, ALMA and the partner school issue a joint diploma.

ALMAlink actually helps graduates in finding their way into the working life by linking them to restaurants, hotels and all companies where the high competencies acquired in ALMA can be a precious added value. All of this is possible via the portal


A ‘virtual notice board’ is restricted to ALMA graduates of the advanced courses and is also accessible to  companies looking for qualified professionals.


It is a fundamental opportunity for graduates to stay up-to-date with the best job opportunities for their professional growth in Italy and all over the world and is a unique tool for companies looking for well-trained staff